Only second in my Etsy Crush category of post, but man.

You know when you open a shop’s page after seeing a couple of things, you’re ready to fall in love, and then they’re even better than that?

So it goes with me today and threelittlecrows.

First of all, cute name. There’s a sort of simplicity to the kettle-dyed rovings there, a single color, that just really draws me in. And then, the balls of hand-dyed? The presentation on them is just GORGEOUS, the colorways fresh

(and I have seen a lot of fiber colorways at this point)

and I’ll give you a picture of another one that you can’t have because I already got it:

It’s going to be “Hollow-Point Smile”, to go with “Bullet-Proof Heart”.

06/19/13 at 7:35pm
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